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“Picture books are one of the most effective and engaging ways to teach valuable life lessons and shape your school culture. Reading aloud to kids is an authentic way for principals to make a difference. This book is an offer of character education with a new twist - Leaving students with a powerful message of doing the right thing and learning from mistakes.”



“This reassuring story is perfect for discussing the difference between gaining positive and negative attention from others. The text and bright colored illustrations demonstrate the importance of being a good citizen, being trustworthy, and being responsible.”



“This book encourages children to reflect on their actions, which reinforces healthy decision making. It is a captivating and comical picture book with charming illustrations. Useful for class or family discussions about behavior, being a good role model, reputation, and making good choices.”



“We often regard our teachers as superheroes, but most of the time we forget the ones behind the scenes. This is a delightful story that is engaging and funny. It is a wonderful reminder that principals also play a big role in our children’s lives. I have shared this with numerous elementary classrooms, and they really enjoyed the story.” 


Book Testimonials

Robert Porfido, School Principal 

Tom Conroy, School Principal

Denise Heitman, School Principal

Laura Wood, Literacy Coach

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